Reflective Essay On I Am Malala

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While many American teenagers complain about their wish for the never-ending school days to end, children around the world are fighting for their right to attend school. Malala, a Pakistani girl, fought for not only her education but the education of all Pakistani girls. Malala once knew her country as a peaceful place, before it was terrorized by the Taliban’s. They took away all the rights of women, such as restricting young girls from attending school. As a way of campaigning, the Taliban’s bombed a variety of girl schools and killed everyone who disobeyed them. With parents who taught Malala to stand up for what she believes, she began to take the steps, such as continuing to go to school and speak against the Taliban’s ideas, to demonstrate her want to continue to receive an education. However, the Taliban’s realized Malala’s tactics and soon came after her. Being known as a survivor, Malala could inform many people of her strong hopes to raise voice on behalf of the millions of girls who have been denied the right to receive an education, through her inspirational tone, in her book I Am Malala. Malala never thought Pakistan would be ruled by terrorists whose main goal was to abolish the rights of young schoolgirls. However, she did not let anyone interfere with her right to learn. As the Taliban became more and more powerful, scare had increased towards the children who attended the school Malala’s father, Ziauddin, owned, leading to a decrease in the girls and

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