Reflective Essay On Learning

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Learning can be fun and informational. Smaller steps towards hands-on learning can be allowing students to choose how they learn because all students learn in different ways. I am a primarily kinesthetic learner. Reading about specific topics are not as effective for me as doing something with my hands. In biology, for example, I can read a textbook, but I get more out of corresponding labs. Allowing students to have autonomy over their own education is essential. Through hands-on learning or choice, students will become excited about learning. The more interested the student is, the more engaged they will be and the more they will learn. Additionally, the more autonomy they have over what they’re learning, the more they will be invested. A traditional school uses punitive measures for punishment, like detention. The REAL School uses a restorative approach, like restorative justice. At The REAL School, when a student acts out or gets in trouble, they go into a restorative room where they sit down one-on-one with a counselor. The counselor asks the student, “What did you do?” and “What happened?”. The counselor goes through the “ripple effect”, where the student describes how their behavior impacts everyone. Martin explained the ripple effect to us. He said that the counselors start asking the student, “How did this impact you?”, then the ripple grows, “How did this impact the school? Other students? The teachers?”, and finally, “How did this impact your parents or others

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