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Reflecting on your learning through writing is a very effective way to show what you know and understand. As a future teacher, you will be constantly reflecting on the students in your classroom, your teaching, and what you could do differently next time. To help you begin to develop this reflective practice this semester as you write about the things you learned from your readings, your own experiences as a writer, and your classroom experiences with your peers.
The purpose of this assignment is to help you summarize and react to your readings and experiences. Each response will contain a summary and response to the readings for the week.
• Identify 3 impressionable quotes from readings (e.g., wow--hit you as important, something you disagree with, makes you wonder, A-Ha moment). Provide the quote and the page number (and text) where the quote is located.
• After identifying the quotes, explain why you chose those three and reflect on their importance in the context of the reading and how they help you think about writing instruction. These three quotes should represent three main ideas of the readings and be thoroughly described with reflections about how you as a writing teacher can implement these ideas into your classroom. Answer the question: What do you see as the primary advantages of teaching genre with purpose? What might be challenging about this approach?
• Based on the quotes you chose and the reflection you wrote, bring 2 questions about the readings with you

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