Reform in the United States

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The Progressive and New Deal Eras are two of the most important and defining periods in American history. Through initiatives and reform passed during these times, America was changed politically, socially and economically. These changes affected all Americans in some way or another, but had significant impact on specific groups of American citizens. Whatever their impact, these eras jumpstarted and continued reform initiatives for our country that provided a model for tackling current issues in our society. First, focusing on the Progressive Era, which refers to a period in American history where people were getting busy and becoming more involved in society’s issues. People and organizations begin to use scientific methods, statistics…show more content…
Women began taking on new roles outside of the home during the Progressive Era as well. Many women were social workers, but more and more women began banding together in women’s clubs and other organizations impacting and furthering reform. The New Deal Era in American history refers to the period in time where Franklin D. Roosevelt was president and passed various reform initiatives in order to improve the lives of those affected by the great depression. Some of the political reforms made in this time period include the Securities and Exchange Act, the Glass- Steagall Banking Act and the Social Security Act. The Securities and Exchange Act was passed in order to ensure that the stock market was being properly regulated and was meant to give both companies and investors more security in trading on the stock market. The Glass-Steagall Banking Act provided federal insurance for bank deposits made up to the amount of $2,500. This act specifically made it a more secure and safe exchange for people to deposit money into the bank and not have to worry about whether or not something would or could happen to it. These acts added much needed stability to the financial aspect of society and set the stage for American citizens to have a more financially stable future. The Social Security Act changed the lives of many senior citizens, disabled individuals and reliant children by providing monthly funds to be used at the discretion of the recipient. Lastly, the
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