Regina's Monologue

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"Let go of me Robin!"

The sun was beginning to set on them, and Regina had exhausted herself crying. In one respect she was angry at herself for being so obviously terrified of Robin Locksley, and on the other hand she felt that if she had ever earned the right to cry as much as she wanted, it was on this day. He hadn't forced himself on her, yet, which she was honestly surprised by. She'd felt him wax hard and wane soft so many times in the past few hours that she was certain her first instincts had been right. It had been along her leg at first, but he'd moved, and any hope she had that she was mistaken had long since passed. She'd been with many men in the past due to her...job, but even if they swelled to thrice the size of what she'd …show more content…

'Oh Lord teach him justice, Father give me strength, Father help me make of this what I can'- for a moment Regina hesitated, for she had never prayed for another's death, but her prayer only skipped for a moment in her mind before she thought- 'Death, come to meet him.'

"What's wrong Regina? Remember when you use to beg me for this?" A wave of cheap gin and smoke washed over Regina's cheek, causing her to flinch back. A stiff hand came up to slap with young woman in the face. "Answer me bitch!"

"Robin, please... stop-" her voice barely heard. Before either could respond, a new voice interrupted.

"Is there a problem here …show more content…

Right Regina?" Robin looked to her as though she was her saving grace. And when she didn't answer quick enough his grip on her arm tightened just so to elicit a small gasp of pain from the brunette. "Right, Regina?"

"Right," she replied, her current terror clouding her ability to cover up the obvious lie she was forced to tell.

"I'd let her go if I was you," a softer accented voice said. Regina should have been prepared for all of the Irish immigrants that roamed the streets of Hell's Kitchen. This was their stomping grounds after all. It was a natural gathering place for all the Irishmen who got off the boat after weeks of travel at sea. What Regina hadn't been expecting was a woman to come out from behind the barricade of men. And in a man's suit no less. The articles of clothing hung to her body almost like a second skin- very much different from the boxy cuts the men wore these days- and her long blonde hair was pulled back in some sort of braided pony tail Regina had never come across before. Despite the very masculine -and bizarre- choice of apparel, there were still enough touches of femininity for anyone to see when they looked at the blonde. The woman who had been lingering in the back tossed her cigarette butt to the ground without so much as looking to where it landed. Her steps crunched the ground beneath as she broke past the line of men and wormed her way in between the two

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