Relational Concepts And Practice Of Relational Aesthetics Essay

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Define, critically analyze, and demonstrate the usefulness or otherwise of a specific curatorial approach
Relational Aesthetics, with particular reference to A Better Tomorrow—A Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Relating to Hong Kong

1. Introduction
There is no doubt that relational aesthetics as a conception has absorbed attention and debate by critics and curators in exhibitions. I provide the approach of reference to relational aesthetics such as A Better Tomorrow of Fong’s project can help understand curatorial studies and art. I appreciate that I can involve in this project as Media Director. However, I will rethink it from a curator side and critical examine the conception of relational aesthetics reflected in this project.

This essay will look at the concept and practice of relational aesthetics, critically analyze its usefulness in curating an exhibition. Firstly, I will discuss the historical development and make definitions of relational aesthetics. Secondly, I will focus on one unique project: that of A Better Tomorrow, at Yan Club Art Center on July 21, 2013, produced by Fong. Finally, I will explore this project in its conception and execution, compare Mainland China with Hong Kong artists and artworks, explain to what extent the relational aesthetics plays a significant role in the exhibition.

2. Relational aesthetics
Relational aesthetics is a theory provided in 1990s, developed by Nicolas Bourriaud in his book Relational Aesthetics in 1998. He pointed

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