Relational Dialecticics Theory: End Of Life Communication

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Amati, R., & Hannawa, A. F. (2014). Relational dialectics theory: Disentangling physician-perceived tensions of end-of-life communication. Health Communication, 29,(10), 962-973. doi:10.1080/10410236.2013.815533 Relational Dialectics Theory is used to navigate the communication that is involved towards the end of a person's life. It is used to better understand the dialectical tensions that occur within patients and their care providers communication. The study finds that dialectic tensions always occur during end-of-life communication. Baxter, L.A. (2004). A tale of two voices: Relational dialectics theory, Journal of Family Communication, 4, (3-4), 181-192, doi: 10.1080/15267431.2004.9670130 Baxter uses relational
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