Relations Between Nicaragua And The Western Hemisphere And Other Developing Countries

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Many foreign policy makers in the western hemisphere and other developing countries often behave as if capitalism and democracy are inseparable. Nevertheless, there are some scholars that argue that the relationship between this political and economic systems are not complicated. Democracy and the market economy are two systems that are closely intertwined and mutually reinforcing or weakening. Since both of them are related to freedom. If one of these systems is strengthened , the other also strengthens and weakens if one weakens the other. Most Latin American countries, including Nicaragua have struggled to establish a democratic political system and have a capitalist economic system, since this so called “capitalism” is hierarchical, …show more content…

However, Nicaragua still struggles to show democracy as its political ideology. Thus, jeopardizing the role of capitalism. In order to understand how democracy and capitalism have thrived as a political ideology and economic system in the Republic of Nicaragua, people should understand all the struggles that people in the country had to experience since 1979. After the guerrillas took over the country, they overthrew the president and abolished the dictatorship that Nicaragua had endured for a long time. After a couple of years, people in Nicaragua were finally able to elect democratically who they wanted as their president. This was something that marked history in Nicaragua since this was a turning point in its political system, they went from dictatorship to a democratic government. Since before 1979, Nicaragua has always dealt with corruption everywhere. However, Daniel Ortega who was now the president of the republic, brought even more corruption and even more misery to the country. He began to ally with communist presidents, and therefore, became a socio-democrat country for a while. After a couple of years, Nicaragua was more destroyed and devastated that it ever was. Not only did Nicaragua become a capitalist country but also, went back to dictatorship. Daniel Ortega took over the country and destroyed any opposition that was ever created, he believed that he was allowed to do whatever

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