Relations Between The United States And The Europe

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Peterly Jean Baptiste US- EU relations Introduction Relations between the United States and the Europe dates back as far to 1950. Back in those days the U.S dealt with the ECSC, European Coal and Steel Community. The ECSC was created in the wake of WWII, established by the Treaty of Paris, with the sole purpose of uniting Europe which had been hammered by three increasingly destructive wars. The ECSC’s objective of unity was forged through the creation of a free trade area for several key economic and military resources: coal, coke, steel, scrap, and iron ore. The plan for trade area was proposed by the French foreign minister Robert Schuman, one of the Founding father of the European Union. The ECSC was one of three treaties…show more content…
Relations between the U.S. and EU were strengthen, and became less about war and more about diplomatic action and economic relation. The Transatlantic Declaration of 1990 underlined key reforms and conditions of their transatlantic relations. The declaration included common goals such as: • support democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights and individual liberty, and promote prosperity and social progress world- wide; • pursue policies aimed at achieving a sound world economy marked by sustained economic growth with low inflation, a high level of employment, equitable social conditions, in a framework of international stability Today they collaborate on wide variety of issues, from terrorism to human rights. They also work together on education policy. A complete account of their ongoing dialogues can be found on the following websites: The United State Mission to the European Union The Delagation of the European Union to the United States The American Education System “The United States has a decentralized education system based upon our federal Constitution, which reserves power over education to the states and local authorities, as well as to individual schools and higher education institutions.” — United States Department of
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