Relationship Between Blood And Iron

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(3-2) Dickey Fuller test results expanded Philip -Perron: To confirm previous results we conducted Dickey Fuller expanded testing (ADF) and Philip -Perron (PP) the leftover tests are shown in Table (4) shows the results of testing the stability leftover downhill co-integration equation. (4) Results of the study of the causal relationship between blood and iron: Granger demonstrated that the existence of a co- integration between two variables means that there is a causal relationship in one direction at least. And therefore we conclude that the lack of a common integration between two variables means there is no causal relationship between them. According to Granger, if we had two time series chains can talk about the evolution of two different phenomena over time (t) and two in this study (blood) and (iron) If the series (blood) containing the information by which they can improve the outlook for the series (iron). In this case we say that the variable (blood ) causes variable (iron), One of the problems that exist in this case is that the time series data for a variable often associated, ie, there is a auto-correlation between one variable values over time, and excluding the impact of this auto-correlation, if any, the inclusion of the same variable values for a number of time gaps as explanatory variables in the causal relationship to be measured, it is added to the explanatory variable for the number of time gaps as explanatory variables values of inclusion and also
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