Relationship Between Jimmy And Tina Electronics Ltd

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Introduction In order to determine, whether the terms are validly incorporated into the contract and which dispute resolution method is appropriate for Jimmy 's case, it is essential to identify a form of offer and acceptance, the ways the contractual terms have been agreed on, the validity of the incorporation as well as elements of fraud or breach of contract. To elucidate this statement, the structure of this essay will be: The following section will be giving a definition of the offer and acceptance rule and discuss whether there is a legal binding contract. The next segment will be regarding the types of expressed & implied terms, its features that were developed by statutes and common law. The essay will then explore whether the contract between Jimmy and Tina Electronics Ltd obtains valid incorporated terms, which will be then supported by several resources. Afterwards, the essay will be illustrating different methods of dispute resolutions and the result that each method would bring about if Jimmy would consider one of these methods. This continues then with the conclusion evoking the main arguments. 1.) Jimmy 's contract – Offer and Acceptance A legal binding contract is created by an offer and the acceptance of its offeree . An offer is a clear expression by the offeror who is willing to contract specific terms and conditions as long as the offeree agrees to these . The offer can only be made to an individual or to a specific type of target group that

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