Relationship Between Leaders And Their Followers

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The assignment in this course that I felt was most helpful was the week two assignment that talked about the relationship between leaders and their followers. I found out through my research how important the two go together, you can not have one with out the other. I realize now that if I want to be a great leader I need to focus on being a follower and learning what it takes to be a leader. I know in my current job I will try to learn as much as I can from my supervisors to prepare my self for my future. The content that I learned from this assignment has made me more focused on being a good listener and a great follower. I need to put my self in a situation that will help me grow as a leader and be surrounded by positive people that …show more content…

In certain situations, it can be hard but ultimately you should want to show kindness no matter the circumstances. One of my goals is to focus on being a humane person as a follower. Lean to be kind to leaders and individuals that want to teach me about how to better myself personally as well as professionally. This goal is important to me because my progression as a follower is dependent on my leaders and I need to be kind to these individuals so they will want to teach me on how to be successful. Professionally if I do not show a kindness, that I have to ability to work hard no matter what they ask of me, then they will not seek me to take on larger tasks or one-day place me in a leadership role. Personally if I am not kind I will find myself alone and not being able to talk to people for advice on what I need to improve on. This goal is important to me because it has to work between a leader and a follower. I have to show humanity to people that can effect my life in a positive way. This goal relates to the relationship between a leader and a follower. If that relationship does not work out there can be conflict with in a company. In order to reach this goal, I plan on setting short term milestones that will help me to be accountable for my progression. After seeing that I able able to check of small accomplishments to my milestone list I will be able to see the progression I am making and feel better that I am

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