Relationship Between Nursing Practice And Nursing Theories

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I interviewed several of my nursing colleagues at work regarding the relationship between their nursing practice and nursing theories. I have summarized the information below in couple different examples. At the same time, all my colleagues have confirmed that their nursing education is based on nursing theory. As a leader, I want nursing practice to be guided by nursing theories and the following examples below highlight some of the nursing theories that I will continue to support in my future nursing practice. I believe models, theories and principles are the roots of nursing practice. Even though, majority of nurses or advance providers are unaware of its existence or simply do not know how to apply them, the utilization and application of the theories does exist, it just has simply gone unnoticed. From Theory class in the past, I have learned that the lack of utilization and application of theories in clinical settings are considered as theory-practice gap (Kenney, 2013). For example, one of the most common theoretical and evidence based nursing practice that everyone in the health care have experienced is the hand hygiene practice. It is based on the Germ theory and Principle of Infection by Louis Pasteur, a borrowed nursing theory developed from biomedical sciences (Ohm, 2013). The theory states that specific diseases are caused by specific microorganisms (Ohm, 2013). According to contagion historical views of disease and epidemics (2016), Germ theory has also been
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