Relationship between Reducing Stress and Upbeat Music

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Relationship between reducing stress and upbeat (Pop) music

This study examined the relationship between reducing stress and listening to upbeat (Pop) music. It was hypothesized that listening to upbeat (Pop) music would reduce stress and elicit happiness in the 420 female participants.

Four hundred and twenty women, ages 19 to 40 participated in the experiment. Women were selected as the primary participants for this study because when it comes to emotional display, they are often said to express more “powerless emotions (sadness, fear) and happiness more than men” (Safdar, Friedlmeier, Matsumoto, Yoo, Kwantes, Kakai, & Shigemasu 2009.) The experiment was designed for people with at least a junior high school education, of any income, and ethnicity. The participants were all students from Stony Brook University that learned of the study either from hearing a class announcement, received an email invitation or saw one of the many study recruitment postings on or around campus. The selected participants were all notified of a $10 gift card upon their completion of the study.
Upbeat (Pop) music is defined as “a bland watered-down version of rock'n'roll with more rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love” as well as cheerful, rhythmic, joyful, energetic, repetitive, uplifting, inspires singing, movement and dancing (n.d.) Classical music is defined as serious or conventional music following

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