Release Me from My Prison Essay

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It felt like to me as if the days seemed to trudge on, never getting anywhere. I sat up at my desk and checked on my Company e-mail again as I’d been doing about twice a minute for the past two hours. All of the mail that had collected overnight had been dealt with and there was little left to do, though I couldn’t go home for another hour and a half. I got up and began to pace around my office.
The walls of the office were done in a tan color that contrasted with the short, dark brown carpeting. The desk was made of maple and simply had a computer on top of it along with a phone restricted to inter-office communication. There was a short, grey, three drawer filing cabinets in the corner, a black leather executive chair behind the desk, a maple chair across the desk that matched the desk, and a matching coat rack. The back wall was mostly a window, with a stereotypical office overlook of the park across the road from the building.
I stood there for several minutes before I heard the telephone on my desk ring. I picked it up only to hear the words, “Soy’s office. Ten minutes.” I immediately headed for the lift. Located behind a bookcase in the atrium for the offices of my floor, the lift connects our atrium directly to Soy’s office.
Upon reaching his floor, I saw that his door was open; this was the sign to come in with haste. I nod to Currency-dollar, Soy’s private secretary, as I headed in. She was not the most beautiful women I had ever encountered, but she was up…