Release Me from My Prison Essay

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It felt like to me as if the days seemed to trudge on, never getting anywhere. I sat up at my desk and checked on my Company e-mail again as I’d been doing about twice a minute for the past two hours. All of the mail that had collected overnight had been dealt with and there was little left to do, though I couldn’t go home for another hour and a half. I got up and began to pace around my office. The walls of the office were done in a tan color that contrasted with the short, dark brown carpeting. The desk was made of maple and simply had a computer on top of it along with a phone restricted to inter-office communication. There was a short, grey, three drawer filing cabinets in the corner, a black leather executive chair behind the desk, …show more content…

The Company took no chances with a man as high up as Soy. The office contained two stern-looking grey metal chairs across a grey metal desk with Soy, in a grey suit, sitting behind it in a high-backed grey metal chair. There was a small grey metal lamp on the desk illuminating the files in two neat piles on the desk; one was labeled outgoing and the other incoming. There was a grey metal filing cabinet behind the desk also. The only real source of color in the room came from an ancient blue Navajo rug in the middle of the office. Aside from these few pieces of furniture, there was nothing else in the room, and it conveyed the exact feeling Soy wanted it to, that of a prison. Soy waived me to one of the chairs across the desk from him, and I obeyed, for one did not disobey Soy. “A situation has arisen in Idaho,” he told me as I sat down. “One of our agents has become…” he paused as he appeared to be choosing his words carefully, “estranged from communication. She was on a vital reconnaissance assignment checking into one of our competitors. What we need from you is an extraction. You’ll be flying immediately out to Boise to meet up with Quinoa to organize the extraction. Be careful, Barley,” he warned me, which is something Soy never does, though there seems to be something he is holding back from me. “We need this to go off without a hitch and get Oat back here alive.” He slid an envelope to me

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