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Boolean Operators are words that help define the perimeter of a computer so you can find the information and materials need for research. But using this to find reliable sources that can be used in a research essay, you can narrow down results as narrowly as possible to ensure the best results. For example, one key word search will pull up all sources containing the one word. However, if you enter multiple words into the search, it will more likely narrow the search results down enough in order to find a good and credible source for a paper. By using these, they help to focus the research process and save valuable time on writing a research paper.
In evaluating sources, multiple requirements are needed to be checked in order to confirm that it is, indeed, a credible source to use in an essay. Ideology, relevance, reliability, credibility, timeliness, and diversity all play a role in finding the perfect website or book to quote from or use as an example. If a sources has none of these, it is a completely unreliable source and does not need to be included in an essay due to the fact that it will only cause the paper to be unreliable. …show more content…

Secondary is the first one, where it is just the collection of information originally from someone else, being told by another person. For example, books, blogs, etc. Then there is primary sources where it is a first-hand count of information for the first time. These can be found in letters, government documents, etc.
Reliable sources are getting pretty scarce now-a-days since blogs and other sources are taking over the internet. This would be considered a reliable source due to it being a government site. However, a site like this , is not a reliable source do to it being a blog, invalidating any of the information on it or used from

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