Religion And Its Effect On Religion

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From the early existence of humans, people have always questioned the true definition of religion but, if you was to research this query, you would discover there are many definitions to this word. This diverse explanation is due to various cultural differences which influence a word 's meaning greatly. In small, religion is about believing in something that makes sense to you. It also means to bind and come together. Additionally, a factor which plays a close relationship to religion is faith. To have faith in something, trust and confidence must be present. Significantly, faith intertwines with religion. In order to be religious, one must have trust in a higher being. As a result, the relationship between religion and naturalism will be discussed, further investigations will be present on of religion and slight critiquing will be made. To gain more evidence and support in finding out what religion is, a reading of "Why is religion Natural ' was done. During this reading by Pascal Boyer, 2004, The question about religion being natural was answered. Boyer focused on the psychological aspect of religion. He begins by stating that religion is for everyone, it is not specific to any race, age or gender. Each religious person share a desire in their faith. This desire links to the psychological foundation of the mind and is seen as a natural process. Just to think religiously is to be natural. Everyone believes, have confidence or trust in something or someone which makes us
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