Religion And Its Impact On Religion Essay

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Over the course of the semester, various types of religions and practices have been discussed. Religion has proven to be one of the oldest of human customs and many a time is formed on supernatural basis. Yet various similarities emerge in its literary usage, customary practices and societal impact. I argue that although religion is generally regarded as a scared aspect of a group and is sometimes used for narrative, explanatory and preservation purposes within these texts; it has been manipulated to serve and cover up the ideologies and practices of its followers. These ideologies and practices would on the most part be regarded as wrong not only on a contemporary basis, but also to those at the opposite end of its effects.
First, the development of religion must be laid out. Religion, for the most part, began with animism. In this practice, inanimate objects are regarded as holy and subsequently worshiped. Herodotus provides a prime example of animism with Xerxes. “…he was travelling along this road Xerxes came across a plane-tree/ which was so beautiful that he presented it with golden decorations/ and appointed one of the Immortals a guardian to look after it.” Herodotus: (Book 4, paragraph 31). Xerxes comes upon a strange tree and judges it as holy and even calls on a god to protect it. This can lays the underlining basis for how animism can be explained: people associate objects to be of divine semblance and virtue due to properties they possess.
Religion then took a
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