Religion And Religious Laws On Religion

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For centuries there have been many religions that humans have incorporated into their lives. All religions have certain moral rules that they want their followers and society have to obey without questioning why the rules exist. Some of the religious rules have put limits on humans that go completely against human nature. This because we as humans are consider as mammals and animals as well Although there are many positive views of religion there are also many negative aspects to religious laws. For centuries, religion has put limits on its followers by denying their passions for many reasons.
Religion teaches everyone what’s morality good and what bad in life. They put certain rules that they want everyone to agree without questioning them. Although, some of the rules that religion inforce are morally correct to everyone, they go complete against human nature. Human are also considered animals and as animal we need to survive in life. For example, religion teaches everyone not to kill anyone and to love one another no matter what’s the situation. But, it’s our natural animal instincts to eliminate any threat that is in our way. For society and religion this is wrong because there’s a law that forbids the killing of anybody is a crime and isn’t morality correct. This put limits on how we deal with a situation where we feel threaten and not able to take action in our own hands. But, it’s perfectly fine that a tiger to kill his prey to stay alive because it’s an animal.

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