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Religion in the World Today As Victor Hugo once said, “I am religiously opposed to religion” and I agree with him completely. Religion has been a part of our world for centuries but not everyone has to believe in the same thing or even have a religion of any kind, it is all a choice and a right that we are granted. When I was younger my parents decided that I could believe in anything I wanted to when I grew up and that they weren’t going to push a specific religion on me with explicit beliefs and rules. The thought of being able to pick my own religion delighted me, I was extremely excited but I wanted to choose my religion carefully. We I found out that there were about 21 major religions in the world let alone minor religions and…show more content…
Religion has caused so many unnecessary fights and wars, in fact, 123 wars have been classified to have been started because of religious discrepancies, and this includes the ongoing “War on Terror”. Today’s War on Terror is something that isn’t about money or power but the religious views of people here in the US versus the religious views of the people in the Middle East. We look upon them like they are senselessly killing people just for the sake of killing; however they look upon as insane because of the fact that we can practice whichever religion we choose to. What is worse still is that we believe all Middle Eastern people are exactly like the Muslims who choose to attack others, but they are not all the same and not all of them want the same things. It is true that Muslims are very devoted to their religion but people who are known as Radical Muslims are the ones who attack us and on occasion attack their own people as well. If we did not have religion in the world all of this unnecessary fighting and the thousands upon thousands of deaths, caused by this, could have been averted. Along with that, the pain and suffering of all the families who have been affected by these avoidable killings could have been spared in the process as well.

There has been much debate over the broad subject of science versus God. Some say God created the
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