Religion In Gregory Orr's The Making Of Poems

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Every section of the populace has two contrasting forces within them: doubt and belief. However, when these powers battle, faith rises over indecision, arriving victorious and announcing its triumph to the world. The quotation by Kierkegaard proves this concept of conquest within credence, as he discusses how the positive nature of belief holds ones thoughts together and allows for a superior planet to be created. Without belief the world would be a harsh, cynical wasteland, but with faith rising above doubt, the composition of optimism, love, and unity takes place, allowing for a planet that holds a promising future for humanity.

For many, pessimism is not ideal, and optimism is their route of choice, as it develops through the arising
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This demonstration of coalition can be seen in the essay by Gregory Orr titled "The Making of Poems". In this piece of literature Orr tells the heart wrenching of how, at the young age of twelve, he accidentally kills his brother. As one can imagine, Orr feels great guilt over the incident and spirals into a deep depression. As he wishes to be left alone to deal with the whirlwind of emotions, he finally creates a resolution to his problem: poetry. Orr discovers that poetry is what allows him to put his feelings into words that others can understand, bringing his mind alive. Yet, poetry does not only allow him to comprehend his own feeling, other author's poetry moves him as well, and allows him to unite with others in the universe. Poetry is what makes Orr realize he is not alone. Although poetry may just seem like a type of writing, it holds a much deeper meaning. It is the only style of writing that presents raw emotion and real experiences without kidding any of the details embedded in the story it conveys. When one reads another authors work they can instantly relate. As other members of the populace read the piece, and find a relation to it, they unite together. Each person relates to the experience, the emotion one feels, or the story the poem tells. Poetry is the most relatable type of writing, allowing the unity of the readers who sympathize with the
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