Religion Is A Cornerstone Of Civilization

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As made evident throughout history, religion has been a cornerstone of civilization since the beginning of time. Religion, or belief systems, has paved the way for mankind by guiding us in thought and action. Even our present day laws reflect the influence of the social contracts, morals, and beliefs formed by religion. With this in mind I present the question, which came first man or religion? Despite its impact on man, religion was created by humankind in response to the unknown. As the result of many years of evolution humans became the first species to become self aware in a cognitive aspect. While we developed so did our desire for answers to questions such as those in regard to the meaning of life and mysteries of death. Religion became our way of rationalizing the concepts of life we could not understand. By putting our faith and belief into factors beyond our control, we have allowed religion to establish our cultures and histories. In our approach to understanding religion we must learn it instead of blindly following the herd. In order to learn through the study of religion, Leonard Swidler created a system of Four Cs that simplify the key elements of religion. His first C, Creed, refers to the cognitive aspect of a religion. In other ways the Creed is the core belief of a given group of religious individuals. The second C, Code, are the rules and accustoms of action created by the Creed. Simply state the Code is the laws of the religion. The third C,
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