Religion Should Be Taught In Schools

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Schools throughout the country are having trouble creating an equal atmosphere in relation to religion. There have been many issues with regard to children being bullied and/or not permitted to wear religious items. The First Amendment of the Constitution enables students to practice their religion, but if the students show their religion they will not be accepted. Schools should change their regulations, therefore allowing students to wear religious apparel, take action (pray, etc), and eat school food without worrying about the food not being a part of their religion. In the real world, everyone has the freedom of choice to live as they wish.
Before the students get to experience the real world, they spend their childhoods growing up in and around schools. It would be best if they grew up knowing that their culture/religion will be accepted. However, at this point in time, many who are displaying their beliefs openly, are getting in trouble with school authorities. An example of this would be in California, where a seventh-grade student, by the name of Raymond, was suspended for wearing his rosary beads. Raymond told the following to the news: "They [school authorities] told me that if I didn't tuck them in my shirt then I would have to go …show more content…

Eagle Ridge Academy, in Brighton, Colorado, is trying to change a regulation regarding clothing items. Brian Anthony [an English teacher] stated in an interview: ”Some schools do not allow head apparel, however, ERA is trying to change that rule within the school so that those who wear religious head apparel are allowed to.” Eagle Ridge is setting a standard of which all other schools, with a dress code, should follow. It allows the students to be more confident in themselves regarding their religion. The reason for that is because there may be other students who have the same religion and are being able to show it more

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