Religion Was The Catalyst For The Emergence Of New Empires During The Second Wave Of Civilization Essay

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Religion was the catalyst for the emergence of new empires during the third wave of civilization. This is seen through the rise of Muslim empires in the Arabian Peninsula and West Africa that later became a momentary impenetrable force. The spread of religion and religious ideas was rapid in these places and left long lasting marks on these places. Despite this, the spread a religion was a slow process, in Europe. The long process of religious conversion was primarily due to the low literacy rate among citizens during that time; this meant there was no sharing of though amongst citizens on an everyday basis. People most times followed the religion of their rulers. This then made the spread of religion dependent on the rulers. Analyzing the conversion stories of Prince Vladimir, Emperor Constantine, and Clovis, ruler of the Franks, is a good way to understand the process of how religion was spread through rulers in Europe. It is also important to consider the factors that influenced each conversion along with the aspects of the religion that were appealing to the rulers to understand the circumstances in which these conversions took place. By looking back in time it can be said that Christianity offered rulers political advantages such as divine intervention during war and miraculous healing. Along with this, they were able to gain power, and or secure peace among neighboring empires through inter-faith marriages.
In the beginning of the 10th century Russia had a large

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