Remember The Titans : Movie Review

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Walking into the theatre, it took my eyes some time to adjust from the bright and sunny outside sky. The smell of fresh popcorn with butter and cotton candy filled the air, as my Dad rushed us through the crowd to theater number 4. It was already 10 minutes after the movie started so the light jogging through the lobby was very necessary. The sound of the sticky floor as we shuffled up the stairs to get to the “good seats” in the center of the stadium seating reminded me of the sound of packaging peanuts. All I could smell was concession food. The hot dogs and nachos filled the theatre as I hurried to take off my coat. I was ready to see my favorite actor, Denzel Washington grace the screen in the movie, Remember the Titans. This movie …show more content…

Boone inches away from Gary’s face, locked eyes and told him “You take a look at her, because once you step on that bus, you ain’t got your mama no more! You got your brothers on the team and you got your daddy. You know who your daddy is, don’t cha?” Boone kept his eyes on Gary without blinking. “Gary, if you want to play on this football team, you answer me when I ask you, who is your daddy? Who 's your daddy, Gary? Who 's your daddy?” Initially Gary didn’t respond. He looked around, very embarrassed to answer the question. Gary’s face turned apple red and he softly said, “You.”
Coach Boone demanded respect from all of his players and required each of them to reciprocate with one another. Boone, never took his eyes off Gary, very unaffected by the crowd around him, said “And whose team is this, Gary? Is this your team? Or is this your daddy 's team?” Gary angrily scoured at Boone and yelled “Yours.” This scene showed the importance of respect and unity among the players but it was the first scene where Washington really showed how relatable this role was to the real world. It revealed the challenges coaches go through with players and the struggle of integration. This scene was effortlessly done. Washington at this point captivated me and the audience alike.

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