Reminiscence In See Me, Nurse

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Reminiscence can be therapeutic for the elderly and the caregiver involved in the conversation. This sharing of old time stories is important for self-presentation bring comfort, stimulation and confidence to the elderly patient (Tablonski, 2014). Throughout this discussion post I will discuss the significance of reminiscence to me, my experiences with reminiscence, my thoughts and feelings of the video “See Me, Nurse” and how I would incorporate change within my practice based from this viewing. I will also further discuss difficulties I have encountered with elderly patients from a different background. Reminiscence to me shows respect and human dignity to the older patient. I feel that this is a proactive approach to the elderly showing…show more content…
Sadness because it made me reflect on all the times when EMS or family members bring an old, frail, demented, crunched up elderly patient into the emergency department I hear a few sighs, head shaking and eye rolling coming from the medical staff because they don’t want to take care of “another old patient”. I feel that I would change how we look at the aging population not as a burden but learn to appreciate them for their life experiences and a special kind of wisdom that only comes with age. Learning how to communicate on this level with the elderly with also help improve their affect and decrease the symptoms of depression (Zhou, 2014).

Caring for the elderly who have hearing loss, vision loss and other normal diminishing physical and mental abilities make conversation difficult. And caring for patients from a different ethnicity creates that much more of a barrier. Having a language barrier prevents healthy communication. I have taken care of a patient from Russia, because of the language barrier I felt that I was not able to provide therapeutic care to that patient. I was very upsetting to me because I could see how frustrated and upset he was
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