Rene Descartes And George Berkeley

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In this paper, I will be writing about the traditional problem of mind and body. I will look at the views of Rene Descartes and George Berkeley. I will be siding with Descartes. The mind-body problem ultimately encases the difficulty understanding how the mind and body interact, what they entail, and how they interact and communicate. Rene Descartes believed that the mind and body are two separate entities, as stated in ‘Descartes’s Dualism’. He held the notion that while the body is in fact a part of the physical world our minds are not. Our minds are the consciousness that recognizes its existence through thinking and understanding. Descartes’ rationality behind disconnecting the mind from the entity that is our body is essentially due to the mind not meeting the criteria to be considered a part of the physical world. His reasoning being that physical things are extended and take up space, nor are they conscious. The mind does not have extensions. It does not take up space, therefore it is not a part of the physical world at all, but its dislocation from the physical world does not forfeit its existence. Descartes uses his criteria for material and immaterial by explaining the “physical” properties and attributes of the mind, or lack thereof: “To be conscious is not to be of a certain shape or size or to move in a certain way, but a quite different and indefinable property of which we are each intimately aware when we reflect on our own minds.” (Descartes, 262) We cannot
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