Renewable Energy Is The Best Alternative For Fossil Fuel Essay

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Out line:
Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases. Before this fossil fuel most percentage of usage to generating electricity and they are the main reason for the greenhouse gases and they are exhaustible as well.
Renewable energy is the best alternative for fossil fuel because of the minimum pollution impact, endless characteristic, there are too many type of renewable energy technologies which will be used in different places with different climate, it is depends on technical characteristics, resources availability, economic factors
This article is trying to compare two type of renewable technologies; hydro systems with solar systems in one middle eastern country, Iran.

32.50078° N, 54.2942° E
1.648 million km² (636,400 sq miles)

Iran located in west of the Asia. In the north it is contiguous with Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and it is littoral to the Caspian Sea. In the west It is borders with Turkey and Iraq. In the south Iran is littoral to the Persian Gulf and Sea of the Oman and has same border with Pakistan and Afghanistan to the East.

Iran has unique climate among its neighbors’. There is big gap in temperature between the warmest and the coldest regions in Iran and it’s about 40 to 50-degree a year. While Shahrekord province has a low of -30 degree on a winter night, Ahwaz has a high of 50 degree on a summer day.

The percentage of the region coverage of

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