Reorganization Of Plans And Operations

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Reorganization of Plans and Operations It isn’t uncommon for organizations to require some level of restructuring to survive and grown. Mismanaged situations such as personnel management and business operations become deteriorated with problems festering to a larger scale over time. This paper will address the reorganization of the Plans and Operations Directorate at Yuma Proving Ground. To accurately portray the challenges, the research will cover a brief history on the organization, explain in detail the problem solving steps used in the progress of reorganizing the organization, reflect on different strategies with the potential for distinctive outcomes and hypothesize using those different tactics. Organization History Plans and Operations underwent several reorganizations over the past 15 years. Reorganizations were due to a variety of factors such as workload changes, realignment of functions, personnel changes due to retirement as such. One factor that remained constant throughout the reorganizations was dealing with bad performers. Plans and Operations had historically been the dumping ground for employees who failed to perform or disgruntled employees transferred from other organizations. Not only did the name of the organization change, but departments within the organization changed functions and services as well. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with processes and procedures that present themselves in the form of challenges. These

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