Report- Change of Management Structure

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1. Proposed Change of Management Structure

Introduction is at current a leading online fashion store for men and women, which is based in the UK and attracts an impressive 3.3 million shoppers every month. The site has a whopping 1.8 billion registered users and the group profits are probable to exceed £7 million. The company has achieved significant growth since its inception in 2000 and is surely on the path towards conquering the online fashion retailing market and attaining greater profits in the coming years. As a company progressively grows, it becomes essential for specific changes to take place within the organization. These changes are in relation to the management and organizational
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Weekly meetings among division heads to discuss operational predicaments and setbacks are an example of an internal objective that may possibly be implemented for the benefit of the organization (Recruitment goals for seasonal staff are an example of an external objective of a company). By following this course of action, it becomes possible to determine the changes that need to take place within the organization by reviewing the business plans, goals, missions and objectives and it is the initial step towards building a fresh organization structure. In addition, it would be beneficial if the organization uses a wide span of control within the company. This basically means that every department head is expected to report to the general manager which in turns ensures a well-organized chain of command in the company’s structure. As the organization grows the number of divisional managers’ increase, as does it result in a lengthier chain of command, but by implementing a system of wide span control within the company there would undoubtedly be efficient organization within the company. It is also very important that the various departments within the organization’s responsibilities are clearly defined. Since the organization is an online fashion store, high quality customer service is primarily very essential. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, it would
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