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• NAPA continues to bring your Stores and our customers best in class products, programs and support. We are proud to announce NAPA Lamps which now includes a line of Original Equipment (OE) quality lamps, as well as a premium line known as NAPA NIGHTVISION.
• NAPA OE headlamps are designed to meet DOT performance for quality and long life, while the premium line of headlamps are made for added brightness and whiteness, which leads to increased visibility and safety.
• The premium line will have an industry leading warranty, of up to 3 years, which will set the standard for performance and quality.
• NAPA knows it is imperative to provide premium lamps because lighting is vital to keeping our customers safe while …show more content…

Another important selling technique is to recommend changing headlamps in pairs. This is important because:
• As headlamps age, they continue to deteriorate and when one bulb fails, the 2nd bulb will most likely fail in the near future.
• Replacing both bulbs at the same time will give your vehicle equal distance of the road, as again, remember, bulbs deteriorate over time.

When it is time for a consumer to replace their bulb, its important to know what choices are available so you can provide the best recommendation of NAPA Lamps to your customer.
a. Provides good night time visibility, Brighter performance, and a 1-year warranty
a. Provides better nighttime visibility, whiter and brighter performance, and a 2-year warranty
a. Provides best nighttime visibility, whitest and brightest performance, and a 3-year warranty

Packaging selling features:
When NAPA designed their NIGHTVISION lamp packaging, they did so with customer shop-ability in mind. Here are the advantages of the packaging design: o Sub-brand names CLEAR, VIVID, BRILLIANT help to clarify step-up differentiation of each bulb o Elements utilized to quickly identify “step-up” strategy to consumer include:
 Bronze, Silver, and Gold colors; also incorporates eye-catching metallic packaging elements

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