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Report on Electronic Banking
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Executive summary
Throughout this report we have tried to explain the overall internet banking system of IBBL. Firstly we have demonstrated the company profile of IBBL, their mission and vision statement. Then we have explained the services it provides to its customers via internet. We have demonstrated the ways to avail these services. Besides we have pointed out the important e-banking products of IBBL. We have explained the technical detail of internet banking of IBBL. We have tried to point out the current status of IBBL’s internet banking. We have also mentioned the future plan of IBBL that it has undertaken. We have tried our best to bring out all the important …show more content…

Customers are given a user id and password. With this user id and password they can easily log in to their accounts from the website of the bank which is protected by NORTON. Customers of IBBL can easily log in to their account and then they can get the detail of their account.
Transaction summary: Through IBBL internet accounts customers can easily get their transactions summary. This system mainly facilitates businessmen, instructions and offices and corporate organizations that do lots of transactions every day. So they always in need of their transaction summary to get the actual remaining balance at the end of the working day.
Outstanding liability position: Through this service customers of IBBL who have credit relationship with bank can easily see their outstanding liability with the bank. Customers often take loans against their deposits in the bank. They easily get their outstanding liability with the bank and get the actual figure.
Utility bill pay: Through IBBL customers can easily pay their utility bills such as gas bill, water supply bill and electricity bills. This service has made the lives of the customers easy and comfortable. They need not to bear the harassment of going to the distributor’s office. They can pay the bill easily sitting at home without bearing any

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