Report on Refugee Rights in Australia

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Background of Refugee Rights Political Movement

Since 2000, both the refugee rights political movement in Australia as a whole as well as the Australian National Committee on Refugee Women (ANCORW) have primarily been focused on key issues such as the differential treatment of asylum seekers based on how they arrived in Australia or apply for protection, the Pacific and Malaysian solution, the detention of asylum seekers and combating the view that boat arrivals are not ‘genuine refugees’. Although there are many other concerns, the issues listed above are the major ones.

In the first instance, refugee right groups are trying to minimize the difference in the way onshore and offshore asylum seekers are processed.
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In addition to that, ANCORW raises money to enable refugee women in Australia to attend these conventions to advocate for the needs of their communities on behalf of all refugee women.

Educational Resources
As a means of raising awareness in the general public about the lives of refugees, in 2009, ANCORW launched an education resource which highlights the inspiring contributions and successes of refugees settling in Australia. Title, “Celebration of Refugee Lives : Stories of Strength and Resilience”, it contains a film, book and short training program. The aim of this education resource is to enhance the public’s understanding of refugee experience and to dispel the exaggerated myth that refugees only bring negative social and economic problems.

Improving Settlement
In 2010, ANCROW and the CRR initiated a project to explore the difficulties faced by refugee families and identify steps to improve family settlement outcomes. Past projects found that the issues of family conflict, violence and separation in settlement have become one of the most pressing problems experienced by refugee families settling in Australia. This is exacerbated by other challenges such as inadequate and overcrowded housing, language difficulties, unemployment and trouble adjusting to a new culture. This project aims to research these problems and provide
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