Representation of Race in Cinema

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Representation of Race in Cinema
In this research paper, I have been asked to analyse the representation of race in the World, African or South African Cinema.
Before I start, I would like to clear something regarding the task I have been asked to do, as I personally believe that we only have one race which is the human race, but regarding this tasks, I try to understand the word “race” as people of different background and culture including different languages.
So only in this essay, I will be using words like “race”, “Black” man or person, “White” person and “Negro” to fulfil the task I have been asked to do. And I personally apologize for whom I may offend by these terms used in this essay.
When I heard about this task, the first …show more content…

No matter what happened, they would be often the first to blame.
That mind-set is still existing in our society today, especially here in South Africa, for example people are more concerned when they take a plane that is been operated by a black pilot. And if something happens during the flight, the first person to blame would be the black pilot. Just like the general statement I came across saying “A Black person is a suspect everywhere”.
I personally think, we as human beings need to change our mind-sets that it is only a black person’s fault, as with that attitude we create more division in our world which few of us trying to create as a more united world.
What I find interesting regarding the making of this movie was that Ray Biddle (Richard Widmark) who played the brother of Johnny who died from his brain tumor, would during the takes of every scenes bombard Sidney Poitier with racist slurs verbally and physically and then after each take, he would apologize for how he mistreated Poitier. Later, they both became good friends.
I would like to conclude this part with one of Sidney Poitier’s quotes saying: “I never had an occasion to question color, therefore, I only saw myself as what I was... a human

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