Research Design And Methods Of Public Schools

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PSI 2219: Research Design and Methods
Hypothetical Research Plan

In God We Trust: Freedom of Religion in Public Schools

Shawn O’Connell

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Submitted September 28, 2015

“I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this piece of work, nor have I knowingly tolerated any violation of the Honor Code.”

Provisional Title
“In God We Trust: Freedom Religion in Public Schools”
This title was chosen to examine and understand the extent in which teachers and students can express their beliefs, and the extent to which schools allow religion to be tolerated. I chose the title “In God We Trust” because it is the official motto of the United States, yet it directly correlate’s with the controversy of separation of
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This project looks to investigate and understand the importance of keeping religion relevant in public schools, and at the same time how public schools should address religion while being aware of the ongoing controversy surrounding it.
Initial Hypothesis
This study hypothesizes that even though we as Americans may define our beliefs differently according to what we believe, we should strive to keep the idea of religious freedom with upmost importance to which The United States was founded upon.
Due to the controversial views on this study, we must address all factions of each argument being made, yet not underestimate the importance of these issues.
Literature Review
All around the world you find people with different cultures, ideologies, and beliefs. Having a good understanding of this improves global competence skills that all students should develop. A major theme argued by the PEW forum, deals with religious literacy. Studies show that the all of the world’s religious traditions gives students the chance to ponder the “questions” of life that we cannot find in a textbook, or online. Religious practices are the backbone of human culture, and these ideas effect topics from economics, politics and law. If a student lacks knowledge of all the different religions and ideas in the
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