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Chapter 1 – Introduction (Hakim) Chapter 2 – Literature Review (Wan) Chapter 3 – Research Methodology (Hakim) Chapter 4 – Research Findings (Omar) Chapter 5 – Discussion (Hakim) Chapter 6 – Conclusion (Faritz) BRM 2034 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Project “Effectiveness of Online Learning” TRIMESTER 2, 2011/2012 NAME | ID | MAJOR | SECTION | MOHAMAD AFFIF BIN MOHD AZMI | 1091100343 | FINANCE | BC272 (D) | MOHD ALIFF SYAHMI BIN SUHAIMI | 1101108767 | MANAGEMENT | | IZZAT AZRAIN BIN MOHAMAD SALAHUDDIN | 1091100139 | MARKETING | | NUR ZAHRAH FARIDA BINTI RUSLAN | 1101109776 | MANAGEMENT | | NURUL BAIZURA BINTI AYUB | 1091105139 | FINANCE | | MUHAMMAD SHAFFRI BIN SHARUDDIN | 1061107742 |…show more content…
This allows students to be exposed to knowledge that can't be learned in books and see how class concepts are applied in real business situations. Online learning is being used widely in the current world hence it makes an easy method for students to obtain education and knowledge. The importance of this study is to know how the respondents are influenced by the factors of effectiveness of online learning. (Coleman, 2007) After doing this study, hopefully there will be some contributions that can be made in terms of the appliances of online learning. As an example, the awareness factor in contributing the effectiveness in online learning can be widely exposed to all students and even to the public. This is a kind of new exposure to those who don’t really know about the online learning system itself. In that way, the understanding of online learning can as well be better and improved from time to time. In short, those factors are the medium of contributions in doing this case study of the effectiveness of online learning. Chapter 2 : Literature Review 2.1 Review of Literature Online learning is a growing trend in today’s education system. They are some benefits adapting system in the education system. Online learning gives flexibility, easier accessibility and become convenience for the user which is the student and academic staff. Learner can access the materials in their own time and study at their own pace and place. Other than
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