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Imagine a world without some of the most interesting short stories. Some of the most interesting short-story reads come from, or are based off of the father of short stories, Anton Chekhov. Although Anton Chekhov faced many problems throughout his life, he still managed to achieve great success. Some believe that these problems are what influenced his works the most. The events that impacted Chekhov’s writings the most were impoverish childhood conflicts, financial struggles between different classes, and experiences of poor island prisoners. Within the span of Anton Chekhov’s short life, he unfortunately had an impoverished childhood. Chekhov’s father moved to Moscow, Russia due to bankruptcy, but young Anton stayed back in his homeland to …show more content…

Throughout Chekhov’s life, he realized that in many cases, the upper class had many more rights than the lower class did. In fact, he wrote a short story named “Ivanov” that explained his views on this conflicting topic (“About Anton Chekhov”). Anton did not accept how people were treated differently just because of how wealthy they were. Since this was an important issue that Anton had taken a view upon, he wanted to spread the conflicts of this struggle, hence his quote: “Write only what is important and eternal” (“Notable Quotes”). Also, Chekhov most likely recognized this topic because he probably dealt with the similar conflicts that the lower classes did since he was poor as well. For example, If Anton Chekhov would have came from a wealthy family without financial struggles, he more than likely would not have recognized this important problem. In translation, since Chekhov was living in poverty, his financial struggles helped him acknowledge the different treatment that varying classes received. As a result, this clearly impacted his writings a sufficient …show more content…

As Anton continued to thrive in his education, he soon became a doctor. One key event as a doctor that he experienced was his visit to Sakhalin Island (Dresen). Chekhov traveled to this island as a doctor to record the treatment and census of the poor island prisoners on the island. As Chekhov stayed there to get an accurate understanding, he had drawn the conclusion that the majority of the prisoners were treated very poorly in addition to living in harsh conditions. Chekhov did not approve of this major problem because he believed that the prisoners were treated as if they were not human individuals. In fact, Anton Chekhov wrote a short story named “Sakhalin Island” that documented his observations. Obviously, Chekhov’s understanding of the treatment of poor island prisoners definitely contributed to his

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