Research Paper On Bedwetting

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Bedwetting Bedwetting is a problem that has been giving parents nightmares since forever. Bedwetting is an issue because in bedwetting children urinate during sleep, mostly to no fault of their own. Growing up, these children develop shyness and a general fear of people, who they believe would judge them and if they come to know their problem. It is very important though to note that children having the problem of bedwetting do not deliberately and intentionally do it, in fact, in most cases they don’t even know they’re doing it until morning, after they wake up and notice the wet bed. Even for parents that have kids with bedwetting problems, it very important to realize that this is not something that their kids can control and that they should not make their kids feel guilty or shameful about wetting their bed as that might have a long lasting effect on their child’s mind. To …show more content…

Honey Another very easy remedy for bedwetting, the sweetness of honey makes it convenient for both the child and the parent. One way to consume honey is to simply give your child one teaspoon of raw honey before bed. You can also give your child a teaspoon of raw honey mixed in milk for breakfast. 8. Apple Cider Vinegar It is believed that Apple Cider Vinegar helps balance the body’s pH and reduce acid levels which may be contributing to the problem of bedwetting in children. Apple Cider Vinegar comes with an added advantage that it treats constipation and aids detoxification. To use this remedy all you need to do is stir two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, you could also add a little raw honey to enhance its taste and have your child take this drink with every meal. 9. Mustard Seeds Mustard Seeds are considered very helpful to those suffering from urinary tract infections. To make this remedy useful, you need to stir one-half teaspoon of dry mustard seed powder in a cup of milk and give this drink to your child at night one hour before going to bed. 10.

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