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Isabella Mercado Watters Econ 1 Career Assignment What career did you decide to research? Why did you pick this career? The career I have chosen to research was a career that I was thought was glamorous and unique to the working industry, a Fashion Designer. Fashion designers create original clothing, accessories, and footwear(U.S Department of Labor). They sketch designs, select fabrics, and patterns, and give instructions on how to make the products they designed (U.S Department of Labor). I had chosen this career because being an artist and my passion for fashion had pushed me to mix both aspects of creativity and start drawing my own designs of apparel. The fact that I also love shopping, especially vintage and thrift store shopping. Shopping helps me to get inspired by vintage designs and how can I create a new feel and style to the modern fashion trends today. What type of personality traits work best for people in this career? Do you have these traits or can you develop them? In this career of fashion there so many personal traits, one must be able to offer and produce. Such traits for fashion designers include creativity, an artistic ability, sewing/pattern making, computer aided skills, and the most important communication. Communication plays a huge role when wanting to be a designer because in this job you need to be skilled at networking and collaborating with another designer to help further your career in the Fashion industry. You also need to aware of upcoming

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