Health Care Office Manager Paper

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The following paper details what a health care office manager does and the requirements to obtain a career within this field. The paper will include my own personality traits which make me a good candidate for this career. It will outline my goals and describe what I must do to obtain my goals. Health Care Office Manager As a health care office manager, I will be overseeing other employees within my office. An office manager maintains the everyday function of the office to ensure it runs smoothly. An office manager takes care of the general work flow of the office, plans, and coordinates care within the office. A health care office manager can work in many different types of offices or hospitals. They can oversee a …show more content…

In my own experience from working in the health care field, there are other learning requirements such as HIPAA training, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act insures and maintains patient privacy per the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. There will be other continuing education courses I will need to take to stay current on laws and regulations within the health care field. The personality traits that are useful in this career are enjoying managing or leading people, being business oriented, being able to adapt easily, being dependable, having integrity, and paying attention to detail. My own personality does match up with these traits well. When I took the personality quiz on, my highest score was in the social skills area. This didn’t surprise me at all because I do enjoy being around other people and listening to others. I think this skill is useful as a medical office manager because I will work with and around people all day every day. I must be able to adapt to the differences and qualities each person brings to the job. The one area that I feel I could use more work in is the leadership aspect. I have never felt like much of a leader, I took well to the guidance of others, but the older I get the more confident and controlled I feel. Also, with the knowledge I will gain at

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