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Frédéric Chopin

March 1, 1810 to October 17, 1849
By: Abbie Schlueter

Frédréic Chopin was a composer and virtuoso pianist. Chopin was a world-renowned pianist and is still known by many. During his life he wrote 17 songs, all of which are romantic. All of the songs that he wrote he played himself. Chopin was such a scholar that even as a child, in 1818, he played in salons. He even wrote his own compositions, such as Polonaise in G minor. By 1826 he had composed many different piano pieces in different styles. He was so good that his parents enrolled him in Warsaw Conservatory of Music. He studied there for three years with his teacher Josef Elsner, who was also a composer. After the three years, his parents felt that he needed a
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