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Being phenomenal on the internet can lead to a road of new opportunities. In Lim Jeong-hyun case, also know as Funtwo, he didn’t expect to become an internet sensation. After having a video of him playing an intense rock solo, his video has reached over 12 million views (Bluekeys). Many people are skeptical if the video is him actually playing the guitar solo. Hopefully, through closely examining his video and deep research I can figure out the truth.
After close observations I see a very enthusiastic boy who is playing an intense and difficult rock guitar solo from Pachelbel. Due to his baseball cap you are also unable to see the boy’s face, making him even more mysterious. They way he is moving his hands on the guitar is exceptionally talented. However, I am not a guitar player so I am not sure if the chords he is playing line up with the actual notes. Along with his guitar sounds, I can hear a faint sound of other instruments from the actual song which leads me to believe it might have been tampered with. …show more content…

I was told you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet, so until I see Funtwo do that in person I’m not believing it. Talent is a natural skill either athletic, artistic or creative. A genius is someone who is exceptionally brilliant in a particular area. These two terms can commonly be argued in whether or not someone will believe Funtwo’s video. His accuracy and velocity while stringing the notes is talent itself. If Funtwo is extremely talented, his video would require high-level mastery. Although, compared to the other rock guitarists, Funtwo’s face showed little emotion. Maybe this is because he was concentrating on perfecting the notes, or maybe it is because he wasn’t actually

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