Research Paper On Gun Control Laws

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Gun Control Once every thirteen seconds an American uses a gun to protect themselves (Harris). Americans having to use their guns that frequently is not the ideal situation, but without having guns once every thirteen seconds a person would die from an act of violence. Gun control should not be stricter in the United States because, guns are an excellent source of protection, guns can lower crime rates, and gun control laws only affects law abiding citizens. According to Jeffery Goldberg, guns are responsible for 30,000 deaths a year. This causes people who hear about crimes with guns involved to immediately think that the gun is the issue, but often guns are what saved the vi¬¬ctims life. Sharon Harris cited leading criminologist Gary …show more content…

Therefore, if the United States makes gun controls stricter, criminals will have the most access to guns. Gun control laws have a very good intention in mind -keeping Americans safe. Having stricter gun control laws makes it difficult to achieve the goal of American safety because only the law abiding Americans follow gun control laws. Many criminals are willing to murder, rape, assault, and rob people easily, hence buying an illegal firearm is not an issue for them. Gun control laws could take away ninety-nine point nine percent of the guns in the United States, leaving the remaining 200,000 to criminals (Epstein). This not only leaves stand-up citizens defenseless during an attack, but it also gives all of the power to the criminals. The opposing side argues that a law will fix this, but the government will forever be unable to pass laws that affects the criminals, due to the fact that they will not follow it. The issue is not the gun, or even the rules that come along with gun ownership; it’s the people behind the firearm. Gun control laws cannot¬¬¬¬¬ change the person, but it can give them more

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