Gun Control Law Research Paper

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Should We Have a Gun Control Law?

Some States in the United States are debating whether or not to set the Gun Control Law. Some people oppose this law while others support this it. I support the Gun Control Law. I support the law because their will be fewer suicides, less gun related deaths and people will less likely make attempts on shootings

With the Gun Control Law, it would reduce gun deaths. I know this because first of all, reported by “” guns are rarely used in self defense situations. About 11,000 homicides happen a year, meaning death by firearms (guns). If we had the Gun Control Law it would hold back many gun deaths (homicides) from happening

Next, with the law there will be fewer gun suicides. According to the article “Guns Deaths are Mostly Suicides” by “The New York Times” 60% of deaths by guns are suicides. The Gun Control law will prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands of suicidal people with depression. It will also lower the rate of suicides, according to “” article if the US followed other countries, with their Gun Control laws gun suicides would reduce by 52%. This proves that Gun Control can lower suicide rates. …show more content…

A citizen armed with a gun is not likely to jump in to stop a shooting, I know this because stated by, “” “None of the 62 mass shootings between 1982 and 2012 was stopped by an armed civilian.” This proves with the Law of Gun Control people causing the shootings will have a thorough background check and guns won’t even touch their fingertips. This will also stop school shootings like the tragic Florida Shooting on February

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