Research Paper On Hair Dye

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For those who get tired of seeing the same old same old hair color every time you look in the mirror, this is a solution, hair dye. Hair dye is a cheap and effective way to get a different look that is reversible. Dying hair is a quick and simple task to complete. When dying hair there are a few task that should be taking into consideration, choosing the right shade, setting up the materials, choosing what sections that are going to be dyed. The first step in changing hair colors is choosing the right shade of that best fits. At-home hair color is used to cover current hair color and covering grays. For the best results, check the back of the box and choose a color within two shades of your natural color. A helpful tip, go darker, trying …show more content…

Separate the hair that is intended to be colored from the hair that is not. If planning to dye all the hair, part it down the middle to the neck, and then divide each half into a top and bottom quadrant, secure each section with a clip so you can color one section at a time. Many people skip the sectioning step but for an accurate finish, sectioning is a must. Dividing the hair into smaller sections makes it less likely to miss any spots. Before starting the coloring step, protect the skin around the area, especially sensitive skin. Using vaseline will get the job done. This blocks the hair color from dyeing your skin. Also using an ammonia-free hair color if your skin gets irritated easily. Many recommend not to brush before coloring the hair because it can open the pores and lead to sensitivity and itching. Once all of these steps have been completed, it’s time to begin the coloring stage. Always begin with the roots or gray hair, doing this will give your gray roots more time to process. After applying to the roots, apply the color to the next section. Color each section thoroughly. Finish by applying hair color around the neck and the hair line since those strands develop

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