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Law Enforcements Safety (Rough Draft)
Shawna Pope
English122: English Composition II
Prof. Stephanie Freese
April 24, 2016


Law Enforcements Safety Over the years there have been conflicts between law enforcement and citizens. The media has become a huge part on this topic such as reporting that citizens are being beaten on and fatal incidents are happening to unarmed citizens. This is resulting in the public being afraid, not being able of trusting law enforcement. Citizens are joining together around the world creating riots against law enforcement, even causing damages to property …show more content…

(Ramirez 2013.) This technology helps with how officers are performing duties, their policies and procedures. Even by using the most up-to-date technology, the media who still criticizes law enforcement. To help keep law enforcement safe from not only the media but the public, they need to wear Body Cameras.
California was the first state to test the Body Worn Cameras (BWC) in 2012. The reason for this is to cut back on crimes and try to stop the media from exposing law enforcements name. After California started using BWC, New York Police Department’s Federal Judge, Shira Scheindlin decided in 2013, the BWC should be used in their state with limited use to begin with. “While the logistical difficulties of using bodyworn will be greater in a larger police force, the potential for avoiding constitutional violations will be greater as well,” Scheindlin wrote. (Scheindlin …show more content…

What they need to understand is the cameras are not used to blast anyone’s privacy, it is to help keep both parties safe. Officers are limited to when they turn on the BWC, they need to notify the citizen when they are beginning to record. If the officers enter a home, they need to notify the citizen for their permission, unless this is a life threatening call. After the videos are taken which results in no further investigation the videos need to be deleted right away.
There are different types of BWC, some have “pre-record buffer” meaning it continues recording, which is good because it shows what happens before the officer hits the record button. An example is AXON Body by TASER it keeps 30 seconds before the officer hits the record, in case the officer forgot to press the button while in the middle of an altercation. Law enforcements don’t use much of the cameras that are continuously recording because of their cost. It is very expensive and uses more storage causing it to cost more than

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