Research Paper On Plagiarism

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Introduction: Plagiarism is common phenomenon of academic cheating among students.
In recent years, plagiarism has been repeated. Plagiarism is becoming more and more serious. Whether in life or in school. The students, the teachers, and the creators have had a great deal of trouble.The British Internet papers trading volume of more than 200 million pounds. Students can spend 150 or more on "customized" papers, such as "guaranteed," "good reviews", "novel, unique, original, reliable" and so on. So British institutions would have to check the students' papers and books, materials or other paper anti plagiarism software, once reached more than a definition of similarity ratio, it will be regarded as plagiarism. ( Britain's "Daily Telegraph" has done a survey) . The University …show more content…

On the students' learning and teachers' self examination ethos of knowledge system, ideological quality, occupation morals, attitude and professionalism plays a subtle role. If teacher is honest and never do the plagiarism, students will study from their teacher, then the student will not cheating and do the plagiarism, if most students do not do the plagiarism then all of students will be no plagiarism and being honest. If teachers are not honest, and do the plagiarism when teacher is teaching or working, students will not pay attention on honesty, students will doing the plagiarism, then it will influence school's study and teaching style. And it will tent to a bad influence and get a bad result. which requires teachers to set an example in the teaching process, through improving the teaching skills and the art of education. Always remind students do not cheating and do not do the plagiarism. Improving teaching methods and teaching content to improve students' learning enthusiasm, and establish a good style of study, then it will have a good

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