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Raynaud Phenomenon

Raynaud phenomenon is a condition that affects the blood vessels (arteries) that carry blood to your fingers and toes. The arteries that supply blood to your ears, lips, nipples, or the tip of your nose might also be affected. Raynaud phenomenon causes the arteries to become narrow temporarily (spasm). As a result, the flow of blood to the affected areas is temporarily decreased. This usually occurs in response to cold temperatures or stress. During an attack, the skin in the affected areas turns white, then blue, and finally red. You may also feel tingling or numbness in those areas.
Attacks usually last for only a brief period, and then the blood flow to the area returns to normal. In most cases, Raynaud phenomenon does …show more content…

The following factors may make you more likely to develop this condition:
• Being 20–40 years old.
• Being female.
• Having a family history of Raynaud phenomenon.
• Living in a cold climate.
• Smoking.

Symptoms of this condition usually occur when you are exposed to cold temperatures or when you have emotional stress. The symptoms may last for a few minutes or up to several hours. They usually affect your fingers but may also affect your toes, nipples, lips, ears, or the tip of your nose. Symptoms may include:
• Changes in skin color. The skin in the affected areas will turn pale or white. The skin may then change from white to bluish to red as normal blood flow returns to the area.
• Numbness, tingling, or pain in the affected areas.
In severe cases, symptoms may include:
• Skin sores.
• Tissues decaying and dying (gangrene).

This condition may be diagnosed based on:
• Your symptoms and medical history.
• A physical exam. During the exam, you may be asked to put your hands in cold water to check for a reaction to cold

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