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Subway is an American fast food restaurant franchise. It primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads.
Fred DeLuca along with Dr Peter Buck back in 1965 opened a sandwich store to help pay his tution fees for medical college. Fred soon learned the basics of running a business, as well as the importance of serving a well-made, high quality product, providing excellent customer service, keeping operating costs low and finding great locations. These early lessons continue to serve as the foundation for successful SUBWAY restaurants around the world.
The first shop was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut in August, 1965. Then, they set a goal of having 32 stores opened in 10 years.
By 1974, they owned and operated 16 submarine sandwich …show more content…



Reasons subway has become so popular
• Easy access
Finding a subway near is not a difficult task. They have so many branches at different places which makes it easily accessible.
• Healthy perception
Customers always want something fresh and healthy and at the same time taste is very important. Subway has a variety of healthy subs at a reasonable price and is also a broader brand perception.
• Ability to customize
Customers are all about making meals to our specifications. Subway has been all about customization from the beginning, adding to its popularity.

Interesting Marketing Strategies of Subway
• The marketing strategy adopted by subway is to provide fresh food on consumer’s need and requirements.
• Its healthier menu selections, low startup costs and consumer convenience.
• Subway has also aligned with several social events and programs.
• Subway value creation based on theories and concept related to …show more content…

Subway advertise their products, employ personnel that personally sells, involve public relations and sales promotions in its marketing mix promotional strategy. They use their slogan, ‘Eat fresh’ to promote the freshness and high quality food that they make. Most of their promotions are directed to adults between 18-35, thus their advertisements are broadcasted majorly during primetime, sports and on cable networks. Like every other brand, Subway's advertisements are targeted so that the customers move up the brand from awareness set to consideration set when it comes to eating in fast food chains. They have been making the sandwiches in front of their customers to flaunt the quality and freshness of their ingredients and the way their sandwiches have been crafted by their ‘Subway Sandwich Artists’. Subway have involved cartoon characters like Peter Griffin for promoting their new sandwiches. They had a promotion series for product placement in US TV series, ‘chuck’. They also had ‘Buy one sandwich, Give one sandwich free’ promotional campaign on National Sandwich

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