Research Paper On Syrian Refugees Australia

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Syrian refugees in Australia Australia has let Syrian refugees into their country and would allow only 12,000 refugees. Australia has immigrated around 13,750 Syrian refugees into our country and have provided help to them. As Syrian refugees have moved into the Australian country, some feel welcome and see a bright future. 5% of Syrian refugees feel unwelcome in Australia, 28% feel welcomed most of the time and 52% feel welcome in Australia. As far as safety goes, 74% of refugees felt safe in Australia, and 56% say their children are living happily in the country. Syrians who moved to Australia feel better to have settled here than staying in Syria. Some Syrians have dealt with discrimination but most of the Syrian population are treated fairly. The refugees are having a hard time finding a house and have to be separated from family, which brings a negative effect on psychological terms. 35% of men and 45% of women say they suffer a high rate of psychological distress. 75% of refugees find it very hard to find a house in Australia, because of costs and …show more content…

70% of Syrian refugees are studying to gain English for employment. 7% of Syrian refugees were employed in Australia. Most Syrians are trying to get “normal” with the people in Australia, to be able to have a conversation with them. Australia has made an organization to help Syrian children receive as much education as possible. They have found tutors and teachers to help the children get a good education and lower the risk of them the drop out. Syrian children are attending school to keep up their education and are getting help from teachers. Australia is helping children have a safe place to grow up and become successful, with minimal discrimination as possible. They have the children in public schools with other children, getting all the help they can

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